iCan Project presented in the Health Sector Event in Bilbao

ESKILARA presented the results of ICAN project, as a final dissemination event, in the Health Sector Event, organized by Cluster GAIA together with SPRI on January 17th in Bilbao. The event intended to be a node for the maturation of demand and support for SMEs and organizations in Digital Transformation, which over 30 professionals coming from industry,care services, administration and research centers attended.

Its main objective was to promote the Digital Transformation of SMEs, through actions to raise awareness and dissemination and guidance and advice in resolving doubts.

In this sense, together with the Department of Health and Socio-Health Transition of SPRI, a conference was held to address aspects and issues related to the launch of the BioBasque Strategy in 2002 that the Basque Government lead through a collaborative commitment to the development of an economic sector linked to biosciences and health. This commitment sustained over time is currently included, among others, in the 2030 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTI 2030) and in the Euskadi Next 2021-2026 investment program, which identify the health field and aging as a priority healthy as cross-sectional area. The first challenge identified in the field of health by the PCTI 2030 is the “Growth of the high-tech business fabric, intensive in R+D+i, which competes in the international market and which demands appropriate financial solutions for the sector”. And in this framework, the iCan Project was presented among other success stories of Digital Transformation in the Health Sector.