iCan Concept and Architecture Design

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Up to now, the technical iCan partners, Bluepoint Consulting and InnovatekBi, worked toghether for the creation of the iCan Concept and Architecture Design. The iCan Concept and Architecture Design is based on identified User Requirements and provide sufficient information for the architecture developers.

Fundamental technological requirements were considered in order to build synchronous, integrated solutions and services. These requiremets led to a layered architecture pattern organized into horizontal layers, each layer performing a specific role within the application. The horizontal layers specific modules are added in order to fullfil the requirements of the project and are the following:

  • Networking Module
  • Home delivery Module
  • Product or service finding Module
  • Smart Games Module
  • Taxi service Module
  • Escort-service Module
  • Mobile application
  • Smart-watch or smart-wristband connection Module

Each layer of the layered architecture pattern has a specific role and responsibility within the iCan platform. Each layer in the iCan architecture presented below forms an abstraction around the work that needs to be done to satisfy a particular business request.