From iCAN to weCAN

The Partners of iCan met in order to develop the full potential of the iCAN Solution experience

During this first month of summer, Consortium’s partners have met to discuss and engage with the iCan new challenges, data insights and fresh opportunities.

Following the Consortium meeting, end-user organizations have had long discussions over the ‘must requirements’ for the second prototype testing. The marketing team has been also involved. As a result, two conclusions have been communicated to the technical developers of the iCAN Solution: a) Requirements Traceability Sheet has been updated and b) the to-be-developed services of the mobile app.

As professional care providers we have discussed practical aspects related to the usability and relevance of the functions still in technical development progress and, we have taken on the role of encouraging all aspects of high ethical standards. Moreover, as we know that the road to market is well design, we have also decided on design features which we believe will much improve user experience.

Testing the ready to market product will not be an easy task as the platform offers services to the most diversified and intricate category of end-users: seniors. According to Moschis, seminal author in the field of marketing to older adults (“Consumer behaviours over the life course”, 2019), seniors manifest similar behaviour consumer activity as long as they have encountered similar circumstances, experiences and past events, based on the type of aging experience and, therefore, their requirements are much more diversified than the requirements of young people with their limited life experience.