First Open Workshop


Welcome to our Virtual Interactive Workshop


A synergy between the IOANNA, iCan and ReMember-Me AAL funded projects


Date: 04.06.2021

Time: 12:00-14:00 CEST



New technologies are streamlining all of our everyday life activities. In this context, many ICT products, today, are developed to assist older adults. Our workshop is focused on presenting the aspects ICT can help older adults with specific instruments and systems, as well as the benefits and older adults experiences. Finally, experts will elaborate on the concerns and ‘catches’ related to the use of new technology.


Join our workshop for a glimpse in the world of assistive technology and many interactive surprises!


An attendance certificate will be provided to all attendees.




12:00    Welcome: “Assistive technologies in our lives: How can they help people 65+?” by Vasilis Giannoglou, Geoimaging Ltd

12:10    Socialization and access to services: The IOANNA project by Aggeliki Tsakiri, Singular Logic

12:25    Assistance, smart recreation and mobility: The iCan project by Begoña Benito, InnovatekBi

12:40    Brain training and wellbeing monitoring: The ReMember-Me project by Dr. Andreea Stamate, Ana Aslan International Foundation

12:50    Success stories of innovative technologies and services for the elderlies going real:

 – “Physical exercise and telecare: The frAAgiLe Project” by Jonathan Bertolaccini, University of Geneva

– “Success stories on caring for the elderly using tablets with Kwido” by Iñaki Bartolomé, Ideable Solutions

– “Football for health! Recreational football for persons 60+: success story in Gernika Silver Lab during COVID times” by Itziar Vidorreta, Eskilara

– “GUIDed Assisted-Living and Social Interaction Platform: a user-friendly, multimodular system aiming to assist older adults in their everyday life” by Sotiria Moza, Materia Group

– “DigiAgeing: supporting VET-Providers, Caregivers and elderly people to find solutions in preventing and coping with loneliness with the help of dedicated Training, Counselling and digital Tools” by Andria Hadjicosta, Materia Group

– “Caring for the ones who care: Prolepsis Project, an App to promote healthcare promotion and breast cancer screening in informal carers” by Dr Andreas Charalambous, Cyprus University of Technology and University of Turku & Dr Tsitsi Theologia, Cyprus University of Technology

– “Social robots for personalized care and virtual coaching: H2HCare and ReMIND projects” by Dr. Ionut Anghel, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

13:25    How older adults use and perceive digital technologies: obstacles they may find and how COVID-19 pandemic has helped overcome some of them”  Materia Group, Ana Aslan International Foundation and Fondazione Santa Lucia, moderated by Idoia Muñoz, ESKILARA

13:40    New assistive technologies: Where is the catch? By Dr Marios Kyriazis, Biomedical Gerontologist

14:00   Conclusions-Goodbye by Idoia Muñoz, ESKILARA



If you are interested in attending, you can register to the Virtual Interactive Workshop by clicking in the following link.