Celebration of the Virtual Interactive Workshop on Assistive Technologies for Older Adults

Last Friday took place iCan’s First Open Workshop, in the framework of the Virtual Interactive Workshop “ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR OLDER ADULTS: EXPERIENCES AND PROSPECTS”, in which we had the chance to present our project to 52 participants from all over Europe and Latin America (Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico among other countries).

During the workshop we had the opportunity to learn from different AAL projects and other European initiatives, presenting the aspects ICT can help older adults with specific instruments and systems, as well as the benefits and older adults experiences. End users experts from Materia Group, Ana Aslan International Foundation and Fondazione Santa Lucia discussed over the perception of older adults over digital technologies, as well as the obstacles the may find and how COVID-19 pandemic has helped overcome some of them.

Finally, we counted on with the presence of Dr Marios Kyriazis, who elaborated on the concerns and ‘catches’ related to the use of new technology.

Here you can find the link to the Wokshop recording for your reference!