Ana Aslan International Foundation discussed with older adults about iCan platform through use of social media

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iCan end-user partner Ana Aslan International Foundation engaged older adults in discussions around iCan platform through use of social media. For the last 3 months, since the numbers were picking up again for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic started, we have provided the possibility to engage in meaningful social contact, e.g. by joining ANA’s online social network of seniors. Here, online discussions on various relevant topics areas, such as latest technology for seniors or services for seniors over the pandemic have been carried out. In this way, our message about iCan reached hundreds of people while they, in turn, asked questions about the iCan platform. ‘When it will all start?’ was the most often raised question. We have received many congratulations for the initiative and we would like to share them all with our partners and stakeholders. Now, along our seniors, we are looking forward for the first prototypes and tests!