About Us

What is iCan

iCan is an inclusive online platform that will aid its users in various ways in their everyday life.

Their involvement with the platform will be in an active, as well as in a passive way. They will be actively able to log-in the platform and use its features, while, at the same time, a smart wristband or watch will be taking measures of important health indicators, such as the heartbeat.

Project idea

iCan is about a platform and a mobile/tablet application that will help senior adult in their everyday life.

  • A smartwatch will play a key role having functionalities and features according to the senior’s needs.
  • It will encompass several features to aid or entertain the senior adult, in a friendly environment.
  • The senior’s family will be a big part of iCan


iCan integrates many features and services useful for the senior’s everyday life, making it simpler and more comfortable. We will create a holistic platform that is specially focused in being easy to be used by senior adults, keeping an appealing and user friendly interface. Most ICT-based projects that concern seniors, what is missing is the motivation given to them in order to occupy themselves with the solution. iCan focuses in this field, trying to make seniors want to use our solution, by features like smart gaming that connect them with their children and grand-children.

The main objectives are the following:


To create a product that will be easy to be used by senior end-users and appealing (most difficult task).


To dynamically include the senior’s family to their everyday life (probably their most important aspect).


To make the senior feel more independent while using iCan (wearing the smart-watch).

Sharp mind

Keep the senior’s mind sharp (through the smart games).


The iCan project aims to:

  • Involve a significant size of different end-user categories in order to obtain comprehensive feedback on system development.
  • Obtain measurable results on the benefits of the iCan system on users’ life (e.g., independence, feelings of safety, etc.).
  • Develop and integrate multiple services in a user-friendly platform including wearables.
  • Go to market at 1-2 years after project completion.
  • Exploit all project results according to business plans and IPR agreement.


Smart-wristband watch connection

One important aspect for senior adults to lead an independent and comfortable life is to always have a way to interact with their family or caregivers. Instead of using their mobile phone that could be forgotten or lost, a wearable device that is common to find nowadays is the logical solution for them. Therefore, iCan system will be connected to a smart-wristband watch that will comply with the user specifications, i.e. bigger screen. This could be worn permanently, as the person is used to wear such a device which is very similar to a regular watch.


This tool will be used from both senior adults and people who want to offer their services as escorts. Thus, the standard interface of the escort feature will be for asking for an escort, but there will be the option to offer to be one, completing the respective resume for a new escort profile. All the routine will be GPS monitored.

Taxi service

iCan will connect with taxi services for senior or otherwise disabled people and order the kind of taxi needed according to the condition of the user, that will have been already been defined and saved to the iCan’s personal profile.

Product or service finding

In a map environment, like google maps, the senior will be able to search for a product or service. iCan tool will find the corresponding items, appearing first the ones that have to do with seniors. For example, if someone searches for a dance school, the first result would be of a school that has special classes for seniors.

Home delivery

Companies that will be able to deliver their goods and services will be connected to iCan platform. The user will be able to search for a product of service and the respective available options will appear to him/her in a user-friendly map interface.


A very simplistic networking environment will connect the senior users to their family and friends, upload photos or videos, etc. User friendly chatting and posting will be developed. Special care will be given to privacy protection, since the users involved are particularly vulnerable to fraud.

Smart games

A series of “smart” games will be available for the senior user. Those games will aim to help the user get more connected with his family, network with close friends and practice their memory. Through the iCan platform, the necessary data can be stored in the database server.

Mobile application

The mobile application will be implemented for Android and iOS and will retain most of the features mentioned above in a carefully designed way that would be appealing and easy to use by seniors.