78 older adults, caregivers, escorts and taxi drivers from Cyprus and Romania have already tested the first iCan prototype

The iCan project, partially funded by the EU AAL programme with GA no. aal-2019-6-182-CP, aims to create an inclusive system that provides a variety of services for the older adults in order to assist them in their everyday lives. More specifically, these services will include: a) finding services (e.g., dance lessons) and products close to the user; b) finding transportation services, e.g., taxis, with an application that will recognize their needs, e.g., wheelchair access or optional escort service; c) optionally, a smart wristwatch that will be connected wirelessly to the platform, recording various biometric measurements (e.g., step count, heart beat etc.) and dynamically informing the wearer; d) an emergency panic button that will automatically inform caregivers that they need help; and e) a series of smart games through which people over the age of 65 can interact and play remotely or closely with loved ones.

The project is under development and volunteer participants are involved in each development stage. At this stage, 78 older adults, caregivers, escorts and taxi drivers from Cyprus and Romania tested the features of the first prototype. The results showed:

  1. According to the high rate of usability by users, the iCan application is considered user-friendly.
  2. iCan application services, such as finding an escort, are regarded as a great help to users in carrying out their daily tasks and hiring community members as companions according to users’ testimonials.
  3. Users were able to use the application in real life to book a taxi and find community members as companions, and the process was described as simple and easy to learn.
  4. The iCan system’s smartwatch allows users to monitor their own vitals, and the system can also send the results to the user’s caregiver.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for helping us taking this project to the next stage!

 Stay tuned for more news from the project.